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Goodhouse brings new construction to life by curating a palate of fixtures, textures, and colors for the big and small elements of a new home.

Home building Simplified

Building a new home can seem daunting, as the choices for layouts, materials, and design can be overwhelming. Starting with the basics, such as floor and ceiling design and moving to layouts for kitchens and baths, we work with you and the building team to create rooms that reflect individuality and functionality.


Our specialties include: ​​

  • Kitchen and Bath layouts, cabinetry, and fixtures

  • Flooring and trim selections

  • Staircases and railings

  • Ceiling beams and trussing

  • Use of tile, stone, and concrete for fireplaces and terraces

  • Exterior home design including driveways and fencing

  • Interior and exterior paints and stains 

  • Interior and exterior lighting

  • Outbuildings

  • Barns, pergolas, and other exterior outbuildings and features

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